Texas/Del Rio Migrant Crisis – A Message from AMHE/AMHE Foundation

Texas/Del Rio Migrant Crisis  —  A Message from AMHE/AMHE Foundation
September 23, 2021A picture is worth a thousand words, the pictures of men on horses charging Haitian migrants are ABHORRENT!

The Haitian Medical Association Abroad (AMHE) adds its voice to millions of others who condemn the actions of the officials who have responded to the Haitian migrants with such deplorable treatment, lacking in compassion and due process as the United States constitution dictates. The mission of The Haitian Medical Association Abroad, a professional Haitian American organization created in New York in 1972, is to continuously pursue activities aimed at improving the life, health, and welfare of all its members and the Haitian communities at large both in Haiti and abroad. We stand ready, as we have always, to support our Haitian brothers and sisters wherever the need arises. We are called once again to provide support to those seeking relief from the most recent challenges that they face. To that end, AHME has been instrumental in sponsoring the transportation of some Haitian migrants that have been released to rejoin families in the United States. In Unity, AMHE/AMHE Foundation