Trip Report: Dr Rose-May Seide at the UM/Medishare Headquarters in Haiti Jan 18, 2010

Dr Seide arrived in Haiti on 01/17/2010, along with five other physicians and one nurse, on a private aircraft arranged by Dr Merisier)

Yesterday was chaotic, but last night, it calmed down, Dr Thomas Harrington (UM Hematologist) and I were able to round on the patients and help a 17 y/o with a pneumothorax that was not picked up.We were also able to do medical interventions that the surgical teams could not attend to.


This morning, we split one tent into 2 and we are doing medical rounds like the old days to write a semblance of note on each patient. Dr Angelo Gousse left the UN headquarters to go help at l’Hopital de la Communaute” in Freres.

Dr Barth Green says he is getting another location to put more tents tomorrow….SO MUCH to DO.

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