Trip Report Dr Nadie G Jean-Charles • Jan 18-21, 2010

The other trip descriptions on this site accurately describe what one would find if willing to volunteer at the moment in Haiti.  I went to Haiti on Jan 18, with ACTS World Relief, and stayed there until Jan 21.

The most acutely needed are indeed the surgeons, orthopedists, emergency room specialists , and anesthesiologists.  However when I arrived at the Adventist hospital of Diquini Carrefour I was surprised to find that they still had a functioning Radiology Department. The only Radiologist was out that day, probably exhausted after working non-stop for many days.  The surgeons and orthopedists seemed relieved to have a Radiologist on site. The majority of the patient had simple to very complex fractures, and x ray played a vital role in the management of these cases. However little could be detected in cases of internal  abdominal trauma on an x-ray film. I believe that at least a portable US unit would have been helpful in the early detection and management of the many abdominal and pelvic trauma cases we encountered.  I’m trying to raise funds to provide a portable US unit to that hospital.

They quickly run out of x-ray films, and will need continuous replenishment of films and x-ray chemical in the days and weeks to come.

Dr Nadie G Jean-Charles
Orlando, FL