Report: Dr Marie Evelyne Moise Jan 14-16, 2010

Dr. Marie Evelyne Moise, member of AMHE has just returned from a two-day trip to Haiti and has filed the following report:



  • The UM/Medishare effort is very appreciated, their logistic for moving personnel is commendable.
  • The biggest challenge is to perform surgeries on site. Ninety percent of patients are in dire need of surgery, many local Haitian resources are helping out (Surgeons, Nurses), but they are not informed on when and how the rescue teams are arriving.
  • Great need for Tetanus vaccines, antibiotics (IV and PO), gauze bandages, IV fluids, disinfectants, autoclaves to sterilize material, sheets, scrubs, gloves, and suture kits.
  • Urgent need for nurses, which will alleviate physicians’ tasks. Example: IV dressing, etc.
  • Documentation issues: we need volunteers with clipboards and paper to document the care to create a database of the patients.
  • Creole speaking staff needed. Communication makes a big difference.
  • Volunteers need to know that there are no sleeping accommodations, not much time to take a break, there are sleeping bags available for 1-2 hour naps as needed. The only thing that is provided is drinking water, so bring sustenance for 2-3 days (protein bars, crackers, etc.). Ideal length of stay under these circumstances should be 2-3 days at a time