Those Who Have Traveled to Haiti

Find below the growing list of AMHE Florida Members and Volunteers who have traveled to Haiti, either on their own, or with the assistance of other organizations, to provide medical care to the Earthquake victims.

If you are a AMHE Florida Member who has traveled to Haiti recently, and your name isn’t listed, please send us your information so it can be added to the list.

Thank you for continued support.

AMHE Florida Chapter


Name Title
Trip Report Pictures
Andre Vulcain MD 01/12/10 PAP, Leogane 01/24/10 Click Here Click Here
Marie Evelyne Moise MD 01/14/10 PAP Click Here
Antonia Eyssallenne MD 01/14/10 PAP
Rose Laure Moussignac MD 01/14/10 PAP
Alain Innocent MD 01/14/10 PAP 01/18/10 Click Here
Rudolph Moise DO 01/14/10 PAP 01/25/10 Click Here
Reginald Pereira MD 01/15/10 PAP, HC
Arold Augustin MD 01/15/10 PAP
Rudolf Eberwein MD PAP
Herold Merisier MD 01/17/10 PAP 01/17/10 Click Here Click Here
Rose-May Seide MD 01/17/10 PAP 01/20/10 Click Here Click Here
Theonne Armand RN 01/17/10 PAP 01/20/10
Kelita Martelly MD 01/17/10 PAP
Jules Cadet MD 01/16/10 Croix-Des-Bouquets
Hans Seide MD 01/15/10 PAP 01/18/10
Angelo Gousse MD 01/16/10 PAP, HC 01/20/10 Click Here Click Here
Marie May Gousse 01/16/10 PAP, HC 01/20/10
Alix Lanoue MD 01/18/10 PAP
Nadie G Jean Charles MD 01/18/10 PAP 01/21/10 Click Here
Michel Dodard MD 01/20/10 PAP 01/24/10 Click Here Click Here
Alix Gay MD 01/10 PAP, Jacmel
Danielle Desvallons MD 01/10
J Pierre-Paul Cadet MD 01/21/10 PAP
Mildred Olivier MD 01/21/10 PAP
Jean Felder Cadet MD 01/10 Croix-Des-Bouquets
Winston Price MD 01/21/10 PAP 01/29/10 Click Here Click Here
Fayola Creft 01/21/10 PAP 01/29/10
Marie-Denise Gervais MD 03/01/10 PAP 03/06/10 Click Here
Michele David MD 02/27/10 PAP 03/06/10
Anssie Blot RN 03/01/10 PAP 03/06/10
Tony Bien-Aime MD 03/29/10 Tabarre 04/02/10 Click Here
John Williams MD 03/29/10 Tabarre 04/02/10 Click Here