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There are many benefits to joining AMHE SFC. In addition to access to all programs and initiative offered and sponsored by the national organization, members have access to special programs and initiatives created by the South Florida Chapter. As a member you are also given access to association members of your local chapter in a variety of medical fields, and you get the opportunity to network with physicians from all the chapters at the yearly national convention. There are also many opportunities to volunteer and give back to your local community and Haiti as well as to celebrate and promote awareness of your Haitian heritage.

Currently the South Florida Chapter of the AMHE (AMHE SFC) offers four membership categories:

  • Active member with annual dues of $300.00 (effective January 1, 2013)
  • Retired physician with annual dues of $100.00
  • Resident, student, or non-U.S. licensed physician with annual dues of $50.00
  • Honorary member with no annual dues.


If you are interested in joining the South Florida Chapter of the AMHE (AMHE SFC), please fill out our MEMBERSHIP FORM, mail it in with a check for your annual dues. The membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Any applications received after January 1st will expire on December 31st of that year.

Your membership dues may be tax deductible, please check with an accounting professional.
You can mail your membership fee to:
AMHE Florida
P. O. Box 19276
Plantation, FL 33318

AMHE: Florida utilizes PayPal (an industry standard) as its payment processing service.
PayPal is safe, secure, and easy to use. Payments are accepted in funds from your PayPal account, or from your Credit Card.

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