Opportunity for Continuing Medical Education (CME) in the US

An international non-profit organization based in Florida, The Society Worldwide Medical Exchange (SWME),  has approached HRDF to help reach out to Haitian Physicians who might benefit from their program  of Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) abroad.

In particular, there are two events next year of value in the United States as followed:

American Diabetes Association (ADA)
72nd Scientific Sessions

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 8-12, 2012

Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)
ID Week 2012

San Diego, California
October 17-21, 2012

Interested Haitian Physicians can request SWME to sponsor them to these major conferences. As explained in the SWME website, the sponsorship covers the entire cost of the doctors’ participation, though they do not incur any collateral expenses. Doctors are selected by the SWME advisory board based on merit and local humanitarian involvement.

When you visit the organization website, you will see that the application process is straightforward

Basic Requirements:
·         Physicians working in a humanitarian capacity, delivering accessible, high quality medical care in underserved, disadvantaged and/or rural communities
·         Limited access to medical activities abroad due to financial hardship
·         Physician must currently practice in the therapeutic area of the conference they wish to attend.

Preferred Qualifications:
·         Applicants working in a public health setting
·         Community leadership
·         Advocacy work

For further questions, please contact:
SHAVALA MAGRI, International Project Manager
1666 Kennedy Causeway, Suite 702
North Bay Village, Florida 33141
Telephone: 1-305-407–9222FAX: 1-305-433-7128
Email: smagri@worldwidemedicalexchange.org
Website: www.worldwidemedicalexchange.org

I encourage you to make the most of this new opportunity. Please, contact me if I can be of assistance.

Aldy Castor MD, President Haitian Resource Development Foundation (HRDF)

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