President’s Message

President’s Message August 11 2013

Dear Fellow Association Médicale Haïtienne a l’Etrange (AMHE) Members,

Greetings from the new committee. As you know, the elections were delayed this year, we appreciate the valliant efforts of our Electoral Committe to come up with a solution for said election. We also salute the prior committe who stayed in function until the election results were announced and certified.

The Chapter was well represented at St Maarten Convention. Among many presenters, Dr Gousse wonderfully presented Urological topics. Dr D Augustin was an excellent Moderator. Dr F Cherry made us proud with his well acclaimed presentation. The chapter also proudly participated in social events; Josee Barrau my wife , in coordination with the Chicago Chapter raised well over $700.00 which helped 2 orphanages identified as in need of help. Dr Rony Jn Mary and I , on behalf of the chapter, received an Award from the President, Dr Cadet.

Many unfinished business call for attention: the voting of a By Law for the chapter, the collection of overdue memberships, putting together a committee for our annual Gala and our projected Health Fair, among other projects.On behalf of the new committe, for the good of the Chapter, the good of the population we serving so faithfully, we hope to count on the support of every each member, financially and by participation of the various events planned.

The road is long ahead of us. We will face many challenges.  but together, we will prevail.

Sincerely yours,
Carmel Barrau M.D.,FACP.
President: AMHE South Florida Chapter