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AMHE 2017 Video Highlights

Report: Dr Marie Evelyne Moise Jan 14-16, 2010

Dr. Marie Evelyne Moise, member of AMHE has just returned from a two-day trip to Haiti and has filed the following report:     The UM/Medishare effort is very appreciated, their logistic for moving personnel is commendable. The biggest challenge is to perform surgeries on site. Ninety percent of patients… Read more »

Dr. Merisier: On My Way to Haiti • Jan 17, 2010

I am on my way to Haiti this morning, on a small airplane seating 8 passengers, donated by a friend philanthropist, departing from Fort-Lauderdale Executive Airport, scheduled to land in PAP, Haiti at 1:00 pm. The purpose of my trip is to evaluate the logistics of getting the medical volunteers… Read more »

Trip Report: Dr Rose-May Seide at the UM/Medishare Headquarters in Haiti Jan 18, 2010

Dr Seide arrived in Haiti on 01/17/2010, along with five other physicians and one nurse, on a private aircraft arranged by Dr Merisier) Yesterday was chaotic, but last night, it calmed down, Dr Thomas Harrington (UM Hematologist) and I were able to round on the patients and help a 17… Read more »

Trip Report: Dr Merisier • Jan 18, 2010

As announced, I was able to travel to Haiti yesterday and returned to Miami on the same day. The purpose of the trip was two-fold: 1. Bring a team of medical volunteers and medical supplies to Haiti 2. Try to meet with Dr Claude Surena, the newly nominated “Health Crisis… Read more »